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BD2 MPAA rating and first day ticket sales

Breaking Dawn Part 2 got its MPAA rating yesterday: PG-13.  No big surprise.  The film is rated PG-13 for "sequences of violence including disturbing images, some sensuality and partial nudity."

Previous films have received PG-13 ratings for:

Twilight: "some violence and a scene of sensuality."

New Moon: "some violence and action."

Eclipse: "intense sequences of action and violence, and some sensuality."

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Official Movie Poster

Here it is…… the official Breaking Dawn Part 2 Movie Poster from Summit! I think this is one of my favourite posters!

(Possible Spoiler Alert!) Final scene in The Twilight Saga?

Fly-by posting from my phone!  Don't scroll down if you don't want to read a potential spoiler...
"Nikki Reed says the Breaking Dawn ' Part 2 dance scene is 'really awesome'.
The actress has opened up about the bonus scene which director Bill Condon added to the end of the upcoming movie, the last in the Twilight franchise.

The FINAL Breaking Dawn Part 2 Poster

(This is it, yall.  We're going to be using the words "last" and "final" on many things over the next two months. *sniffle*)

Without further adieu! 

I love the colors, especially the sky.  And Edward's jacket.  What do you think? 

Breaking Dawn 2 Premiere Info

For those who are considering or planning to attend the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Premiere in LA this November:

If Trailers Were Honest

Remember when the Twilight trailer came out and we all huddled around our computers and watched it over and over again? Okay, maybe only Snarkier Than You and I did that. Or you guys are just lying and don't want to admit that you watched it on repeat, clutching your heart and sighing at every second Edward was onscreen.

I know you, people. I know how many times you watched it. Don't you fucking lie to me. 

New five-movie poster (I want!)

Opened my email to this amazingness this morning...