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Robert Pattinson Has Been Spotted Arriving at LAX

It appears that Rob has been spotted in the customs line at LAX, after just getting off a plane from London.

Entertainment Weekly's Breaking Dawn Part 2 Cover

Those are three pretty, pretty people.  Sadly, I think this was probably shot in happier times. I'll be buying a copy to hang onto in case Robsten never reunites (but I'm still holding out hope - just me?). 

Xavier Samuel and Cast of Bait 3D in New Pic!

Xavier Samuel and the cast of Bait 3D

So I went to see Cosmopolis... was just plain weird.  The poster should have looked like this:

My observations:

A little of this, a little of that

Heard recently:

- Kellen Lutz didn't like the script for the original Twilight movie!  “I didn’t like the script.  How scary would a glimmering vampire really be? It just doesn’t make sense."

- Kristen Stewart's mother, Jules, has filed for divorce from her father, John, after 27 years of marriage, citing irreconcilable differences.  What a sad summer for the Stewart family. 

Craigslist Deals for Robert Pattinson!

So those of you who watched Robert Pattinson and his hair (I am still mad about the hat thing) on Jimmy Kimmel last week got to hear him talking about how he buys "everything" on Craigslist -

I might have a few things laying around that I can sell on Craigslist! Here's my listing:


Tough Times for One of our Own

We got a really sad e-mail from one of our long-time readers and commenters yesterday. Our dear Vermonstermom has been through a lot in the last couple of years, including the loss of her father after a battle with Alzheimer's, and the fact that she can still form coherent sentences is amazing. Another tragedy has struck her family and she gave us permission to post her story below. I'm inserting part of the background from her husband's Caringbridge site.


Preorder the Breaking Dawn 2013 Poster Calendar

Breaking Dawn 2013 Poster Calendar

We Came, We Saw, We Were Thwarted by Bad Hats.

Settle in and grab a glass of your favorite beverage, folks - this is going to be a long one!


Oh Mah Gah! Daddyward and other new BD2 pics

Each new picture that comes out gets me so excited! I can't wait!!