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Just because I know some of you may be wondering I thought I'd tell you that I'm going in for Breaking Dawn Part 2 as a virgin the way I did for New Moon. I've avoided stills, clips and trailers as much as possible. I went for all the "spoilers" for Eclipse and BD Part 1 and I ended up kind of wishing I hadn't. Since this is the last film I thought I'd go all in one more time and keep myself pure for Edward.

Anyone else doing the same?

Forks Photo Roundup

I was just in Forks a few weeks ago (my third trip in three years... where's my Mega-Fan Punch Card?).  Before my first visit, I was curious about whether the town would match up with the way I pictured it in my head after reading the books.  For those who have never been, here's what the real Forks and La Push look like:

Breaking Dawn Part 2 TV Spots!

I squeal (and my husband rolls his eyes, but blessedly keeps the comments to himself) every time one of these comes on my TV.  Two weeks!


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This is a sadness...

The former Dazzled by Twilight store in Forks burned up this week. 

According to the Seattle Times,

"The fire was reported before 4 a.m. in a three-story wooden building built in 1925 as an Oddfellows Hall. It was fully involved when the first firefighters arrived and they knew the building couldn’t be saved, said Phil Arbeiter, a Clallam County fire chief.

A Sad Day in Forks...

Well, Twitards... lower your Team Edward flag to half staff. I have some sad news.

If you made the trek to Forks with the Twitarded crew the first year in 2010, you probably spent a ridiculous amount of time and money in Dazzled by Twilight. I know I did... If you made the trek in 2011, you might have tried to shop here but it may have been closed. It didn't keep the most regular hours last fall. And if you were lucky enough to get out to Forks for a third time this fall, you saw that the store was no longer in operation...it closed earlier this year. *sniffle sniffle*


Robert Pattinson’s Sydney Breaking Dawn Promo Tour

Here is a photo of Rob taken during a photoshoot today in Sydney. RPLife have more photos on their blog!

The Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack Revealed

The track list for the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack has been revealed! Here is the list:

The Official International Breaking Dawn Part 2 Movie Poster

Last week I posted the American movie poster and now here is the International version of the Breaking Dawn Part 2 movie poster. I can’t decide which one I like best! Which one do you prefer?

International Breaking Dawn Part 2 Poster

Woah!  Now THIS is a last-movie-in-the-series-so-it-better-be-awesome poster.  Check out the international version of the Breaking Dawn Part 2 poster:

Epic, right?  Just a smidgeon a tad a ton better than the North American version?

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