FORKS UPDATE: OH MA GAH! Two Weeks to Go!!

Someone please pass me a Xanax... like right the fuck NOW! I'm desperately trying to remember if I've told you everything you need to know about what the hell we're doing in Forks. Please be on the lookout in your email for e-blasts from us over the next week or so with some important details and information.

How Can You Not Be Team Edward OR Team Jacob?

In my day-to-day dealings with the real world, I rarely come in contact with Twilight fans. But when I do, I have a hard time hiding my excitement. I've already told you guys about my relatively new coworker who has a thing for Robert Pattinson. Those waters have been tested and the jury is still out on what level of RPattz-loving freakiness I can unleash on this poor girl. We did have a good laugh about Jacob's tiny nipples today times.

Casting Updates In Kristen Stewart's Snow White and The Huntsman

Kristen Stewart now has parent's in her latest movie Snow White and The Huntsman. Noah Huntley will play the King, while Liberty Ross will play her the Queen.

OH. MY. GOSH. Best Spoiler EVER..

ENJOY!! Don't click if you don't want to a spoiler! --Ashes

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The TwiCrack Addicts Have A Song For Rob...And Jackson

Come on baby let me see what you're hiding underneath!


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Blog Renamed!

Hey followers!

I've decided to change the blog's name. The blog's former name was Twilight Malaysia. Why?

Since there's another fansite formed after mine called Twilighters Malaysia (yes, it has been declared official) up and running (and more famous than my own), I'm changing my blog name to something different mainly to avoid confusion.

Don't worry, I'll still be updating the blog as usual with Twilight-related news.

Who is Sitting Where for the MTV Movie Awards 2011

Click for bigger
E! Online correspondent @MarkMalkin twitpic from inside the Gibson Amphitheatre in LA showing clearly where our fave Twi-cast will be seated for this Sunday's show.

MTV Movie Awards Promo Skits Featuring Kristen & Taylor

In advance of the MTV Movie Awards June 5th, Kristen and Taylor recorded these promo skits - it's no Bad Ass Cops 2 (unlike I hoped) but it bodes well.
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Rob Talks About MTV's Best Kiss Award

Rob spoke with MTV about winning Best Kiss over and over again. Rob says he is terrified to lose. Please, the day that boy doesn't win Best Kiss I think we will all kill over and die! What the video below to hear what Rob has to say! Don't forget to vote for all thing Eclipse for the 2011 MTV Movie Awards-- Click here to VOTE!!


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