Don't Forget To Vote For The Twilight Saga: Eclipse!

I meant to post this earlier but with everything going on *cough* Breaking Dawn photos *cough*... I completely forgot. You can't blame me, right?! ;)

Pics of Rob at Tonight's Jay Leno Show Taping in LA

Them be some snug pants!
Now listen, guys!

Continuing MTV's Top Rob Moments - Number 3: Rob Wasn't Meant to be at the Oscars?!

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog
I would very much like to see Rob get gunged :) I think it would be a great charity incentive!
Don't forget to tweet your questions @MTVNews with the hashtag #AskRob for their livestream Q&A this Friday.

Summit Suing Bath & Body Works Over "Twilight Woods"

You didn't know that Summit Entertainment owns the word "Twilight" - psssh, where have you been?!
Don't you remember that time they tried to claim copyright of Twitarded's logo? Because they totally own all variations of the word "Twi" - sucks to be you Twitter, keep an eye out for angry looking mail.

Try out Peter's cookie recipe!

Last week we told you about Peter supporting the fight against pediatric cancer with the 'Celebrity Cookie Challenge' and we now have Peter's cookie recipe Via the Twilight Lexicon!

Breaking Dawn Set Photos - Robert Pattinson On His Way To Lapa Set -

On his way to the Lapa set at the weekend, here is quite possibly the most gorgeous photo of Robert Pattinson I have seen in quite some time. Excuse me while I go and take some deep breaths... le sigh :)

Edward's Missing Wristcuff is Planned

After the first set photos appear on the net, fans are buzzing on the non-existence of the Cullen wristcuff worn by Edward.
Sérgio Sá Leitão, the director of Rio Filme, the organization that is working with Summit in Brazil says:

Don't get misled by 'Love & Distrust'

There is a movie poster going around for a movie called 'Love & Distrust' and it says the 'film' stars Rob, Amy Adams, Robert Downey Jr and James Franco. Your first thought may be what a very, very talented cast.

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