Twifecta to Present New Eclipse Clip at MTV Movie Awards!

Rob, Kristen and Taylor will be presenting an exclusive new clip of Eclipse at the MTV Movie Awards, June 6th:

Details on Rob’s appearance on Ellen

Yesterday, Robert taped his episode appearance at the Ellen De Generes Show. During his interview, Rob talked about filming his new movie, Water for Elephants, cutting his hair and many more. Gossip Cop has posted more details about his appearance.

je t'aime robert pattinson (and this video)

Found this tasty treat over at Random Acts of Rob - seriously, they find the b-e-s-t Rob porn over there! If you need more of a fix, definitely go take a wander.

The part with the heavy breathing... Oh my... Don't say I didn't warn you - not my fault if you watch this and find yourself at some family gathering with your girly-bits all aflame. Nope.

LA Times: 'Eclipse' bites into L.A. Film Festival

LA Times has a write-up on Eclipse's premiere at the L.A. Film Festival, as well as revealing another still from the movie! 

Next month, the Los Angeles Film Festival will likely welcome a new contingent: throngs of screaming girls.

Twilight Merchandise: Bella’s Ring and Puzzleballs

Are you an avid Twilight Merchandise collector? Two days ago, we have posted news about Bella’s Ring now going to be available for fans courtesy of Infinite Jewelry& Co.

Rob Flys to The Couve for Eclipse ReShoots...

Click if you puffy heart the puffy jacket!
Don't try and tell me that guitar case isn't stocked full of Hot Pockets!

Reelz Channel top Twilight fan-made posters

Reelz Channel has listed down the Top 10 Fanmade Twilight Posters. Ever since the announcement that the books will be adapted into movies, fans have made their creative juice flowing by making Twilight posters which were posted all over the internet. Here are some of the posters that made Reelz Channel list.

Runaways Soundtrack List!

Speed post:

1. Nick Gilder – “Roxy Roller”
2. Suzi Quatro – “The Wild One”
3. MC5 – “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World”
4. David Bowie – “Rebel Rebel”
5. Dakota Fanning – “Cherry Bomb”
6. The Runaway – “Hollywood”
7. Dakota Fanning – “California Paradise”
8. The Runaways – “You Drive Me Wild”
9. Dakota Fanning & Kristen Stewart – “Queens Of Noise”
10. Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning – “Dead End Justice”
11. The Stooges – “I Wanna Be Your Dog”

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