Take That Batman, Part Deux!

Don't get me wrong, I LOVED The Dark Knight. But seeing stories like this just make me smile:

From Variety.

Taylor Lautner Turn On: Don’t Put On A Show Read more: - taylor-lautner-turns-on.jpg" border="0" src="" />
Taylor Lautnerkeeps it sharp as he attends a screening ofThe Twilight Saga: New Moonheld at Landmark’s Sunshine Cinema in NYC on Thursday evening (November 19).

Taylor Lautner: Having the time of his life

Yesterday, we have posted Robert Pattinson’s interview with Parade Magazine. Today, the magazine has released their interview with Taylor Lautner where he discloses that he is having the time of his life.

Charm Factory's Twilight Giveaway Winner!

Sorry we're a day late, but here is the announcement you've been waiting for! The winner of the charm giveaway from Charm Factory is...
Her favorite was the Edward locket. I'm pretty fond of that one myself.

New Moon in Hitz

Hitz is giving away 4 tickets to watch New Moon at TGV Sunway Pyramid at 9.30p.m, 25th November

ways to win:
1. Type TIX-space-your name-space-your IC number and send to 32111
2. keep it on a stand-by mode. Don't send it yet.
3. Usually it happens on the first or second hour in each session.
4. you got to get used with the Q. right when you hear Edward's voice press send.


p/s: i'll be there.

Jimmy Kimmel Teaser - Loving this pic!

Too cute, right? Don't forget to set your DVR:

A vampire, werewolf, and human from Forks, Washington will be interviewed together on ONE NIGHT ONLY, on ONE SHOW ONLY, on ONE COUCH ONLY!

Time: Catherine Hardwicke Interview Controversy

Time has posted an interview with Catherine Hardwicke. One section in particular is getting A LOT of attention on entertainment news sites. It is one that Kristen and Rob will probably not thank her for, given their responses in recent interviews. **Keep in mind, there is already controversy surrounding this quote.**

Christian Serratos’ PETA Ad

Wow Christian!

This is what she tweeted

@cserratos – My PETA Ad. Don’t eat them…Don’t wear them.

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