An Outtake from Ashley Greene’s Maxim photoshoot

She’s lovely and I love alot of her print stuff, she’s beautiful!

What do you think? The question they asked on “What do you think of Ashley’s exclusive shot? Was it over the top or just right?” & for her cover it was “What do you think of Ashley’s Maxim cover? Sexy or too daring?” Don’t you find that hilarious? I do.

Twi Fun

Jacob black - By the Mitch Hansen Band Jacob Black She's not coming back La Push has come to shove And she's through with you Can't you see You're just a dog to me If you come near her again ...

Robert Pattinson Shows Some Skin in Vanity Fair Italia

Don't adjust your screens — that is the small of Robert Pattinson's back being prominently featured in the November issue of Vanity Fair Italia. It's the latest hot cover for the Twilight star, as he and Kristen Stewart make the rounds before New Moon hits theaters later this month. Rob had a busy week of promoting the film in Japan, and he's off now to LA for the big press weekend. Don't forget, we'll be there to cover all the news so let us know if you have any burning questions!

New/Old RPattz Modelling Shot

Don't judge me but I always secretly wondered if Rob's toes are as long as his fingers... just me?


Yeeeaaah, I thought so!

Via TwiFans

Kellan Lutz & Ashley Greene at Stonestown Galleria in San Francisco

On November 6, Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene will be making a special appearance at Stonestown Galleria in San Francisco, CA. Here is the info:

Tay & KStew Talks 2 Brazilian TV

Zeca Camargo (he’s like the big kahuna in Brazilian TV) interviews Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

Fantastico’s (popular TV show) host, Zeca Camargo, interviewed Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, actors of the Twilight series, this Sunday morning, in Sao Paulo.

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