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CGI Makes Wolfpack Awesome

“New Moon is going to be stepped up a whole nother notch,” confidently states star Taylor Lautner.  It goes without saying that the werewolves have some great scenes in New Moon and in the latest video to leak from Summit, fans get a behind the scenes look at what went into making the wolf pack sizzle.  It is easy to watch the trailer and get caught up in the story, but does anyone stop to think about the work that goes into bringing the werewolves to life?

Rachelle Lefevre Speculations

There’s been a lot of speculation has to whether actress Rachelle Lefevre would attend the premiere of Summit Entertainment’s “Twilight: New Moon”. If you remember, she played vampire villain Victoria in the original “Twilight” as well as in the second installment, however, due to schedule conflicts, she was replaced with Bryce Dallas Howard for the third installment titled “Twilight: Eclipse”. According to reports, the actress wouldn’t miss the premiere for the world. She worked so hard on the film and she’s excited to re-unite with her cast-mates.

Kellan Lutz Interview

Vanity Fair has just posted a great little interview with Twilight Saga film star Kellan Lutz, who plays Emmett Cullen, where he talks about book trading and recommendations among the cast on set, how much the cast ‘leans’ on one another and what they do to rev themselves up before a scene, what he thinks of New Moon the film (he’s seen it!), and much more. Check it all out below:

Ow..Paper Cut..

I still kinda find that lame. But here’s the MTV Ulalume cast interview and clip.

David Slade Shares Riley Pic

In celebration of Eclipse wrapping up filming, Eclipse director David Slade shared a picture via his twitter with all his followers. The pic is of Xavier Samuel (aka Riley).


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