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Twilight Saga Among Most Challenged Books

Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight” series is a worldwide phenomenon, with millions of copies in print, two hit movie adaptations, at least two more on the way, and merchandise ranging from T-shirts to body pillows.

Apparently some people aren’t too happy about all that.

Another Eclipse Image

New ‘Twilight: Eclipse’ pic, Kristen & Cullens. Summit Entertainment

has released a brand new image from the upcoming third installment in their vampire series titled “Twilight Saga: Eclipse”.

The photo features Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) surrounded by members of the Cullen family which includes Edward (Robert Pattinson), Dr. Carlisle (Peter Facinelli), Esme (Elizabeth Reaser) and Rosalie Hale (Nikki Reed).

Sisters Day Out

Dakota Fanning and her younger sister Elle chew on some bubble gum after visiting a friend’s house on Saturday afternoon (April 10) in Studio City, Calif.

Rob On Set In Budapest

Robert Pattinson was decked out yesterday in Budapest for another afternoon in front of the camera to work on Bel Ami. His costar Uma Thurman was there again following their filming together earlier this week, and the duo also welcomed Christina Ricci to the set.

Billy Burke Launches Website

Billy Burke – AP Photo

If there is one nearly universally shared quality of the cast of the Twilight series, it’s possession of the musical bone.

Chaske, Bryce And Bronson Attended Fan Event In Berlin

Looking to be having a marvelous time, Bryce Dallas Howard, Chaske Spencer and Bronson Pelletier attended the “Twilight New Moon” Fan Event in Berlin, Germany on Saturday (April 10).

Ms Howard dazzled the red carpet in a black strapless dress and gold necklace accessory while Spencer and Pelletier happily signed autographs for their adoring fans.

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