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A Little Love From BooBoo Stewart

Booboo Stewart snaps a pic with one JJJ fan during his meet and greet at Richmond Mall in Vancouver over the weekend.

Anna Kendrick’s Big Smile

Anna Kendrick smiled big yesterday when she arrived at the airport in Vancouver to get back to work on Seth Rogen’s cancer comedy alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Keeping BD PG-13

Obviously, I mean screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg. We all know that Stephenie Meyer wrote the books. And this is all assuming that Summit Entertainment actually goes ahead and greenlights “Breaking Dawn.” Because, you know… they could just cap the series with “Eclipse,” right?

Tyson Houseman Talks Twilight

The Film Yap has a brand new interview with the very lovely Tyson Houseman, who plays fan favorite Quil Ateara in The Twilight Saga film franchise. In the new interview, Tyson talks about his audition process for New Moon, his recent experiences with Twilight fans, and much more. Check it all out below:

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