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'Breaking Dawn’ Allegedly Causing Seizures?

Reports have surfaced that some brief flashing scenes in Breaking Dawn is causing epileptic seizures in America (of all places). If you have watched it and made it out without getting one, then good for you.

*SPOILER ALERT* The scene is indeed brief and most of it has been cut from Malaysian cinemas. Still, proceed with caution

'Breaking Dawn Pt 1' In Theaters NOW!

The movie that we have all been waiting for is here! Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 is currently playing in major cinemas across the country. See if it's playing near you!

Golden Screen Cinemas

New York Times Writes About Bella's Wedding Dress

Just a week away from the US premiere of Breaking Dawn Pt. 1, The New York Times has a write-up on Bella's wedding dress, and details about where you can get an authentic replica of the Carolina Herrera-designed gown.

Amadou Ly Reveals New Role in 'Breaking Dawn Pt. 2'

No, I haven't heard of this guy either, but a recent interview Amadou Ly did with Team Twilight sparked my interest. In this interview, he revealed that *SPOILER* there will be new coven in the movie which is not in the book!

New BD Clip, featuring Ellen DeGeneres!!

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