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Wyck Godfrey Reveals Breaking Dawn Details

It's not that I am against this, but I felt that the details should have not been revealed as to keep the suspense when we go watch Breaking Dawn at the end of the year. Alas, as most fans requested (read: demanded) them, producer Wyck Godfrey revealed details about Breaking Dawn!

Zac Posen Ain't Dressing Up Bella for Her Wedding

A rumour recently surfaced about Zac Posen designing a wedding dress for Bella in Breaking Dawn. Zac posted on his Twitter page about this matter:

Honeymoon Scenes on Isle Esme Wraps Things Up in Brazil

A day without Breaking Dawn news is hard, but thankfully, the production moved from interior to exterior shots. Yay!!
Check out photos and reports after the jump **SPOILERS**

Bella to Keep Her Clothes On, and That Dress is Vintage

A few weeks ago, a rumour floated around the web that in Breaking Dawn, there will be scenes where Bella would be wearing a little bit of nothing. Gossip Cop investigates this matter.

Uh-oh! Dawn Trouble in Rio

Looks like locals are not into vampires that much. Reports surfaced that the filming of Breaking Dawn has caused outrage amongst locals.

Edward's Missing Wristcuff is Planned

After the first set photos appear on the net, fans are buzzing on the non-existence of the Cullen wristcuff worn by Edward.
Sérgio Sá Leitão, the director of Rio Filme, the organization that is working with Summit in Brazil says:

Day Two of Dawn in Brazil!

Production is moving real fast down in Brazil! After scenes in the streets of Lapa, the production crew moves on to Paraty, where a few scenes were shot. The scene includes a waterfall scene, as well as the Isle Esme scenes.

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