Taylor Lautners Comic Book Biography in Stores Wednesday

The “FAME: Taylor Lautner” comic book will be in stores this Wednesday, October 27th.

Lautner was a relatively unknown actor until he made his debut in the popular vampire-romance movies. Those days are over. Today, Lautner is as much a household name as are Stewart and Pattinson.

Twilight Official Guide has a release date!

The official Twilight guide, the one that has been floating around in limbo for a while, now has an official release date. 

Eclipse Merchandise - The Official Illustrated Movie Companion

Designed as a celebration of the film, this lavishly illustrated paperback edition is an exclusive behind-the-scenes guide featuring full-colour photos of the cast, locations and sets, as well as storyboards, interviews, details of the special effects and much more.

Twilight Christmas Tree Ornament

It's a little too early, but I can't resist posting it. It looks so good ...

Here’s a sneak

Here’s a sneak preview of The Barbie Twilight Collection featuring Alice and Victoria from in the upcoming film “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”.

Omigawd! Eclipse party!!

Wouldn't it be fun to have party using these Eclipse stuff? Although, I wouldn't use them cos they too special! LOL.Yup, it ain't gonna be no ordinary party...

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