Robert Pattinson

Video: Robert doing press interviews for WFE

Robert Pattinson is currently doing press interviews for his new movie, Water for Elephants. Here are a couple of video interviews of Rob talking about the movie such as working with animals and trying to make a non-franchise movie.

Video: Robert Pattinson talks about WFE; director Francise Lawrence talked about casting Robert

Robert Pattinson is gearing up for the promotion of his new movie, Water for Elephants. He plays Jacob Jankowski, a young veterinarian who dropped out of school and joined a travelling circus where he fell in love with the ring master’s wife. Here is a couple of videos where Rob talks about his new film and director Francise Lawrence talking about casting Rob.

Robert Pattinson: The Empire Interview

Robert Pattinson’s interview with Empire Magazine is already out. In the interview, Rob talked about his early days as an actor, why no one believes the luck that he had with Twilight, his next moves and many more.

There’s life beyond Twilight for the young vampire pin-up. The biggest sign: upcoming Fox prestige pic Water for Elephants

Robert Pattinson talks about Bel Ami’s stalled release

In a snippet of his interview with Total Film Magazine, Robert Pattinson talked about his other movie, the adaptation of Guy de Maupassant’s book, Bel Ami. The film has not date yet for release and Robert thinks it may have to do with him and the film’s marketing.

Preview Interview: Robert Pattinson’s interview with Empire Magazine

In a preview of his interview with Empire Magazine, Robert Pattinson talked about his next movie, Cosmopolis, which he plans to shoot after wrapping up The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.

The Robert for Elephants Project – Aussie’s Need Your Help!

Robert Pattinson will be in Sydney on May 6th 2011 for the premiere of his latest movie, Water for Elephants. For Aussie Rob fans this could be the only time they get the opportunity to see Rob live and in person!

Sara Vilkomerson talks about Robert Pattinson with Capital New York

Entertainment Weekly Senior writer Sara Vilkomerson sat down with Capital New York where she talked about interviewing Robert Pattinson. Sara recently interviewed Rob for the magazine where he is currently promoting his new movie, Water for Elephants.

She talked candidly about what Rob is and how he is not fazed by his popularity, his quirky humor and many more.

New WFE image of Rob at Twist Magazine

Twist Magazine has published a new image of Robert from Water for Elephants.


WFE: Outtakes from Entertainment Weekly, new still from InStule Italy

Entertainment Weekly has posted outtakes from Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon’s photoshoot for Water for Elephants.

Robert Pattinson for Box-Office Magazine

Box Office Magazine has released their interview with Robert Pattinson.

You’re incredibly busy. What is it about Water for Elephants that made you decide this was the film you wanted to do next?

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