Stephenie Meyer

Introducing Twilight: The Graphic Novel

Last year, we posted news that Twilight will be republished as a graphic novel. The art will be done by Young Kim and will be published by Yen Press.

CGI Renesmee?

The Twilight series continues this June with The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, but all eyes (golden or otherwise) are on Summit Entertainment while they devise a plan for the fourth and final book, Breaking Dawn.

Stephenie Meyer Responds To BD Rumors

We’re already well into the new year, and still there’s been no confirmation as to the means by which Summit Entertainment plans to unleash the final chapter in The Twilight Saga known as Breaking Dawn onto the throng of tweens and cougars who are anxiously awaiting it. Will it be one film or two? Is this causing “drama” between author Stephenie Meyer and the studio as alleged by some in the media?

Today Meyer took to her website and posted the following:

Summit Rebooting Twilight? So Soon?

Announced early this morning, Summit Entertainment has decided to steal a page out of Sony’s book and remake their successful Twilight Saga, with production slated to begin immediately after Eclipse sees release. Plans to make Breaking Dawn have been scrapped, according to the following quote from a Summit VP:

Update on Stephenie Meyer’s Site

Today Stephenie Meyer made and update on her site about the Breaking Dawn movie.

Latest On Breaking Dawn

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Enough Nonsten nonsense stuff, let’s take a quick break to go back to the whole damn thing that made Rob, Kristen, Taylor and the gang: the movies.

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