Stephenie Meyer

New Moon Is Best Movie In Recent Poll

With the Razzies still months away, the worst actress of the year has already decided via a poll on and the loser is: Megan Fox. (And you thought it would be Traci Lords?)

New Moon Ranks Highly In 2009 Mistakes List

‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’ – Summit Ent.

While The Twilight Saga: New Moon was a fantastic portrayal of Stephenie Meyer’s story, it was not free of the various continuity errors that seem to find themselves into films on a regular basis.

Stephenie updates her site

Stephenie has updated her official website with this picture and message:

Happy Birthday Stephenie Meyer!

Stephenie Meyer – AP Photo

Today, the lovely and talented Stephenie Meyer turns thirty-six years young.

Twilight: More Year-end lists

Youtube has released their year-end list of the Most Watched Videos of 2009. The second Twilight film, New Moon, placed fourth in the list garnering 31 million views. It joined UK sensation Susan Boyle and the Evian Roller babies on the list.

The Twilight Saga: Amazon’s Best Selling books of the decade

Amazon has released the list of the Best Selling Books and Authors of the Decade and the Twilight books were all part of the list as well as author Stephenie Meyer.

Stephenie is named Best of the Decade

Our very own Stephenie has been named by The Baltimore Sun as the Best of the Decade!

In the coming weeks, we’ll review some of the decade’s biggest books and trends, beginning with this pronouncement: I hereby declare 2000-09 to be the Stephenie Meyer decade.

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