Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie Meyer In Depth

If you have even the most fleeting acquaintance with a prepubescent girl, the chances are you’ve gathered that the film of New Moon, the second in Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling quartet of vampire novels, is released on Friday.

Stephenie Meyer in Oprah

Here are two videos of author Stephenie Meyer in her appearance in Oprah.

Steph Meyer : Robert looks like Edward in my head.

Steve Granitz/Getty Images; AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

Just as he has with so many other women, Robert Pattinson has become a full-fleged citizen of Stephenie Meyer’s fantasy world.

In Stephenie Meyer’s Defense…

Great article defending her story that we all know and love.

Visit the Real Forks, Home of ‘Twilight’!

Talk about a Twi-hard’s dream vacation spot! Although Stephenie Meyer created Twilight totally from her own imagination, the town of Forks, where Bella and Edward live, meet and fall in love, is a very real, very lovely and friendly place. If you’re thinking of visiting Forks, check out OK!’s guide to the city, made with the help of the Forks Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center.

Time Magazine: It’s Twilight In America.

Once Tingley bought the book, she had to figure out what to do with it. For example, she had to give it a cover. “Should it be horror?” she asked herself. “Or should we play up the romance? But if we play up the romance, we lose the boys. A lot of the female readers found it very erotic, but it’s a YA book, and it’s very chaste. It’s about yearning. How do you capture that?” One day the art director suggested hands. Just hands–you could show the veins, which would be nice and vampy–and they could be holding something. Something that would suggest yearning. Temptation. An apple. Bingo.

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