Twilight Stars Goes Under the Sorting Hat

Yea, kinda surprised me too. MTV decides to celebrate the awesomeness that is Harry Potter by ... sorting celebrities into the Hogwarts' houses (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw), and they started the bunch with Twilight stars

Kellan Lutz Talks to Ryan Seacrest

Kellan Lutz talks to Ryan Seacrest about Immortals, Breaking Dawn, Renesmee and girlfriends!

Things to look forward to in The Twilight Saga:The Official Illustrated Guide

Yesterday, the Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide was released. Fans were given new information about the characters of the saga and possibly a glimpse of the wedding dress that Kristen Stewart may wear in the movie.

As exciting this maybe to the fans, MTV and The Examiner has listed down 5 Things that fans who havent purchased their copy can look forward to.

Carlisle Cullen: World’s Richest fictional characters has listed down the Richest Fictional Characters in film, comics and TV. Listed in 2nd place is the Cullen patriarch, Carlisle Cullen, who has amassed a fortune of $36.2 billion.

First Look: James at the Twilight Saga Illustrated Guide

Here is a first look of James profile as it appears at the Twilight Illustrated Guide. James is the mate of Victoria, whom Edward killed in Eclipse. To view more, head over to the Twilight Facebook.

First Look: Bella’s wedding dress and as a vampire

Entertainment Weekly has posted a sneak peak of Bella’s Wedding dress courtesy from the Twilight Saga:The Official Illustrated Guide. They have also posted the first image of Bella as a vampire.

Shiloh Fernandez sets the record straight with Kristen and Amanda talks about the Twilight comparison

In an interview with MTV News, Shiloh Fernandez talked about his comments about Kristen (which he made in Interview Magazine) and how it was taken out of context. He also talked about being considered for the role of Edward Cullen.

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