Taylor Lautners Comic Book Biography in Stores Wednesday

The “FAME: Taylor Lautner” comic book will be in stores this Wednesday, October 27th.

Lautner was a relatively unknown actor until he made his debut in the popular vampire-romance movies. Those days are over. Today, Lautner is as much a household name as are Stewart and Pattinson.

Sky Movie Magazine: Interview with Rob, Kris and Taylor

Sky Movies will be showing the three Twilight films this coming November and December. As a treat to the fans, they have posted interview with the Kristen, Taylor and Robert where they talked about their camaraderie, set pranks, being part of the phenomenon and many more.

Video: The Simpsons’ Twilight Episode

Here is the promotional trailer of the upcoming Halloween special of The Simpsons. The Episode is titled, “Treehouse of Horror” and it spoofs Twilight’s Edward Cullen. The character, Edmund is voiced by Robert’s former Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe.


Xavier Samuel - Out of the TWILIGHT

The West Australian has posted an article about Xavier Samuel:

Thank your lucky stars that kidnapping, DIY lobotomies and gruesome mutilation aren’t a run-of-the-mill experience at most teenagers’ high school proms.

Jackson Rathbone on ‘No Ordinary Family’

Jackson Rathbone will be guest starring on ABC’s ‘No Ordinary Family’ on November 9th. Here are some pics:

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