Dustin Milligan does RPattz impersonation

Dustin Milligan talks about auditioning for Edward Cullen and more, plus a fun Rob impersonation!

Enough...Fans just let it go!

I just read the Twilight Examiner’s article about enough already with the disparaging remarks against twilight fans. Here’s the deal: who cares?

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O.A.R. talks Twilight, Twitter, and Television

O.A.R.'s Richard On and Chris Culos talked to MSG about Twilight among other topics before their concert at Madison Square Gardens Saturday night.

Featuring Bobby Long

“I don’t want to be famous. That doesn’t drive me at all. I just want to be doing this all the time. Everyday.” (Bobby Long to ITN Music)

Meet Sam, Marcus and Bobby

I’m working on my first set of themed articles for the blog and I’m very excited because I’m going to be writing about one of my favorite subjects. Three young men whose faces never graced the screen during Twilight, but made a huge impression with their soundtrack contributions. I am talking of course about Sam Bradley, Marcus Foster and Bobby Long.

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