Stephenie, Michael and Ashley talk New Moon

By now you can see that Collider made a lot of interviews with everyone from New Moon movie on set. We already brought you more than 7 interviews, today Collider released also 3 new interviews, with Stephenie Meyer, Michael Sheen and Ashley Greene. Check the other two interviews after the jump!

Kristen, Dakota, Kristen, Robert, Chris & Taylor @ press conference

Check out more than 70 untagged pictures of Kristen, Dakota, Robert, Taylor, Kristen and Chris at the press conference in LA on 6th November. Click on the pictures to check them all out in our gallery.

Michael Welch in ‘Unrequited’ movie!

Michael is playing in his new movie; Unrequited. Here’s a little something of movie;

Let the promotion of ‘New Moon’ begins!

As you can see, Twilight stars are appearing everywhere right now; like yesterday at Hot Topic in LA. Everyone will be appearing a lot on TV in this and next month. 2 days ago Rob, Kristen and Taylor were taping the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show. They are also doing a lot of interviews for a lot of televisions, shows as are Access Hollywood, E!

Ashley on the cover of ‘Maxim’

Ashley covers this month’s ‘Maxim’ cover and is featured inside it, too!

19 secrets from ‘New Moon’ set

Seventeen magazine went to set of ‘New Moon’ few months ago and they are bringing the secrets from the set to you! Check them out;

‘Vanity fair’ vs. ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ photoshoot

Write bellow in comments whic photoshoot it’s better to you and why. Thanks KStewartFans for inspiration.

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