New ‘New Moon’ stills!

Check out these 9 amazing new untagged ‘New Moon’ stills! They are amazing! I can’t wait for New Moon anymore…. I want to see it! Click on the pictures to check them out in gallery.

Rob, Kristen and Taylor were taping Jimmy Kimmel yesterday

Well, Gossip Cop suggests you clear space on your TiVo for November 20th’s “New Moon” extravaganza on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

Despite the program’s title, the “Twilight” trio are actually going to be taping that episode in just a few hours.

Charlie Bewley talks ‘New Moon’

What was it about the part of Demetri that part that attracted you?
With Demetri, I knew that I could bring something to this character that no one else could; a certain energy and flare and charisma that I could really bring to him and make my own.

Robsten romance “devastated Nikki Reed”

According to Fox News, Rob and Nikki dated shortly after they finished filming the first Twilight flick and she was left devastated when the hunky British actor dumped her and hooked up with Kristen.

New Jane picture

… on the cover of “Make up artist”

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