Taylor needs a box to be bigger?

Check out this picture from “bts” of New Moon promo photoshoot with Robert, Kristen and Taylor. And guess what; so that Taylor would look bigger on pictures they put him on a “box”. Check out;

Gallery update: Harper’s Bazaar & New Moon stills

First here’s another new HQ untagged Robert and Kristen outtake for Harper’s Bazaar; and even more than 10 new untagged New Moon stills! Click on the pictures to check them out in gallery!

Another new Bella/Edward ‘New Moon’ picture

… on a new t-shirt of Cafe Press!

Billy, Nikki & Kellan reveal some of their secrets

Kellan Lutz
Q: What music is on your iPod?
Lutz: A lot of Kings of Leon. But my favorite song is [T.I. and Justin Timberlake's] “Dead and Gone.” I play that every morning when I wake up and listen to it as much as I can.

Nikki Reed

Robert: Undead sexy!

There are no crystal decanters of blood for Robert Pattinson to sip from, or milky white virgin necks to nibble upon.

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