Nikki and Kellan answer some interesting questions!

MTV: Nikki, Jenbarns76 asks: “I was wondering if you ever take a look at the fan sites that have popped up all over the Net.”

Ashley says ‘New Moon’ has more action!

Greene says this part of the Twilight saga has a bit more in it for the boys. “The first one is very much a love story, and this one is kind of more about heartbreak and healing, and you got the wolves come in and there’s that threat, that danger. I actually saw the movie about two months ago, and it’s really good.”

Wanna ask Taylor, Robert or Chris something?

So in honor of this oh-so-highly-anticipated flick, Moviefone has a treat for you, ‘Twilight’ devotees. This Friday, November 6, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Chris Weitz will be visiting Moviefone’s LA studio to interview each other with your questions. Wonder what Pattinson really thinks of his costars?

TV schedule of appearances of Twilight stars!

Here are all the “TV bookings” that are 100% confirmed!

November 16:

Kristen Stewart – “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien”

Taylor Lautner – “The Jay Leno Show”

November 18:

Robert Pattinson – “The Late Show with David Letterman”

Kristen: “Bella should be with Jacob”

Here are some quotes; and answers from press conference:

Kristen: “Bella should be with Jacob”

Taylor loves barbecue so, he said that he needed to taste Brazilian barbecue [PS. Taylor and Kristen went out eating together yesterday in Sao Paulo]

Both said couple of times that Brazilian fans are “kind, friendly and sweet”.

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