Kristen Stewart: Team Jacob or Team Edward

According to her answer I believe she’s Team Switzerland lol

Boondocks Saints vs. Twilight

As they left, I mentioned the Twilight Saga folks were there too.

“So who would win in a fight?” I had to ask. “The Boondock Saints or the vampires and the werewolves?”

Sean Patrick Flannery smiled back and said, “I could take five of them myself.”

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The Cullens Envy True Blood

Where has Jackson been??

With Rathbone mysteriously absent, the cast sat down to talk to HitFix last weekend about working with “New Moon’s director Chris Weitz, how envious they are of their “True Blood” vampire brothers and sisters and how the fans are going to make or break whether “Breaking Dawn” gets made.

Cam Gigandet: Missed or Forgotten?

Photo from

Cute Pic of Cam Gigandet w/ his Daughter

Cam Gigandet, Everleigh Ray Gigandet

Time Magazine: It’s Twilight In America.

Once Tingley bought the book, she had to figure out what to do with it. For example, she had to give it a cover. “Should it be horror?” she asked herself. “Or should we play up the romance? But if we play up the romance, we lose the boys. A lot of the female readers found it very erotic, but it’s a YA book, and it’s very chaste. It’s about yearning. How do you capture that?” One day the art director suggested hands. Just hands–you could show the veins, which would be nice and vampy–and they could be holding something. Something that would suggest yearning. Temptation. An apple. Bingo.

Nikki Reed Surprises Twilight Fan Club

Photo: Casey Rogers / AP Images for Ubisoft

Not forgetting the loyal fans which keep the Twilight machine going, Nikki Reed took a break from promoting New Moon to surprise a middle school fan club.

Reed stopped in at Vista Middle School in Los Angeles with a fun goodie in hand: Ubisoft’s new Style Lab Jewelry Design and Makeover video Game.

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