Consequence of Miracles

Sun, 22/06/2014 - 16:55 | by twitarded

Do you guys read Twilight fan fiction anymore? Because I don't (confession: I never read a lot of fic in the first place, if you can believe that). But that said, that purveyor of all things worthy in the fandom, LeJadaLulu was going insane for a fic a month or so ago and I couldn't help but notice. Not when all my other fandom folks on Twitter were going insane for it. Finally, my curiosity got the best of me and I'm telling you guys, I devoured this fic. Couldn't wait for updates, would drop everything to read them. You're lucky - I'm not even telling you about this until now, when it's complete!

Consequence of Miracles is an angsty read but not traumatic, in that it's not graphic in any way and it's not gratuitous, if you know what I mean. It does tackle a Very Difficult Subject, and let me tell you, this would be the last thing I'd ever put on my TBR list, knowing what it was about but not knowing the story itself. I like reading happy shit, not dramatic stories. But it was handled incredibly well, and the story is actually told through Bella's eyes and manages to beher story, even though the dark, difficult stuff happens to Edward (I'm trying to not be spoiler-y, but give fair warning that the story could possibly be a trigger for some folks). If you're looking for a different kind of Twilight fic, or are just curious, I encourage you to take a look. I feel like it was an incredibly sensitive and hopeful treatment of a painful subject and I've never read a fic quite like it. I even legitimately cried after one chapter and I don't think I've ever done that reading a fic!

Speaking of minor miracles, guess what? I HAVE AN AGENT, YOU GUYS. I wrote something that isn't fic!

It's called LOUD IS HOW I LOVE YOU and it's a smutty, funny romance about indie rock kids in the 90s. I sent it out to a bunch of agents and snagged representation by Brooks Sherman at the Bent Agency and I couldn't be more excited. And nauseated. For a moment, just imagine me having a conversation with this nice man, a literary agent, who is quite lovely but still mostly a perfect stranger, about the possibility of pitching a follow-up book with three-way sex in it. This is my life now. And while it's awkward, it also happens to be awesome.

Anyway, LOUD is out on submission with some publishers and now I wait to see if anyone wants to actually buy it and publish it, so my smutty words can be out there in the actual world.


Or, maybe more appropriate in this circumstance: Jesus MotherFucking Hamster Fucker.

My new pen name is Mercy Brown. I picked it because I wanted something that would be a statement about where I come from as a writer, and that's right here with all of you. Plus, Mercy is just sexier than Mygdala (but you guys, please keep calling me Myg or I will be totally confused).

And, I've never been good at ending blog posts.

The End.

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