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The question is, to be or B2B?

Thanks to our best friend, the internet, a lot of people have access to all online brands and stores in the world. The innovation of technology and especially the internet today has made it convenient for many people to launch their businesses online. We all love being lazy once in a while and this is …

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3 Reasons to choose Shopify Plus Over Big Commerce

A quality Enterprise Ecommerce software is hard to find. Even the list of top enterprise Ecommerce platforms is quite extensive. Selecting between them can seem confusing. But, if you conduct a thorough Enterprise Ecommerce comparison, you are bound to come down to two choices. And that includes Big Commerce and Shopify Plus. In their own …

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Big Commerce vs Shopify Plus- A Fair Enterprise Ecommerce Comparison

Are you looking for an enterprise Ecommerce software to base your store on? While there are various platforms you can use when your business is small, when it reaches an enterprise-level, you need to find the top enterprise Ecommerce platforms. After all, the last thing you need is your website to crash during a major …

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I Think I Just Un-Imprinted.

Back in late 2008, I came across a copy of Entertainment Weekly with some guy on the cover. I didn't know who he was or what landed him there, but I knew he was damn easy on the eyes even with that popped collar and the big poofy hair. There was just something pleasantly unnerving about that gaze...


Coconut Oil is the New Black

Hello, ladies (and the occasional gent)! You're all looking lovely this evening. I  thought it was high time we do another beauty post. I haven't been seventeen in...a while and my body is none too pleased with it. Long gone are the days where I could eat Taco Bell without grave repercussions. My knees and ankles are better weather forecasters than a meteorologist. Welcome to a world where you can throw out you back opening a jar of applesauce. Thinking about collapsing into bed without removing my makeup? Better be prepared to have a face transplant in the morning.


So We Have a Group Date Next Valentine's Day, AMIRIGHT???

It's a good thing that Mr. Snarky and I don't go all nuts celebrating Valentine's Day (too many years in the restaurant biz, among other things? Eh - we're not all that romantic...), because I know exactly where I plan on spending V-Day 2015:


Consequence of Miracles

Do you guys read Twilight fan fiction anymore? Because I don't (confession: I never read a lot of fic in the first place, if you can believe that). But that said, that purveyor of all things worthy in the fandom, LeJadaLulu was going insane for a fic a month or so ago and I couldn't help but notice. Not when all my other fandom folks on Twitter were going insane for it. Finally, my curiosity got the best of me and I'm telling you guys, I devoured this fic. Couldn't wait for updates, would drop everything to read them.


We're Getting the Band Back Together.

Are you there, blog? It's me, Snarkier Than You...


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