Forks Photo Roundup

Thu, 01/11/2012 - 05:52 | by twicrackaddicts

I was just in Forks a few weeks ago (my third trip in three years... where's my Mega-Fan Punch Card?).  Before my first visit, I was curious about whether the town would match up with the way I pictured it in my head after reading the books.  For those who have never been, here's what the real Forks and La Push look like:

First Beach at dawn (Bella's cliffs in the background)
Me on First Beach at dawn.  An unforgettable experience.Path from Quileute Oceanside Resort to First Beach."Jacob Black's House"The rez school, recently builtThe town of La Push (old school in front).  It's very, very small, and sadly poor. 
Forks High School homecoming football game (they won!). 

The high school has been completely torn down and redone, but this sign remains.
Tiny, TINY hospital.  Think large ranch house.
Charlie's office!
Left: Thriftway, where Bella shops.  Right: "Newton's" Outfitters, where she works.Bridge over the Sol Doc (the Cullens' fictional house backs up to it)

Hiking in the Hoh.  It really IS "so green."Second Beach.  I've been twice and have never seen a tide pool :((left) Book truck and (right) movie truck (not the actual one, but the actual license plate!)
"The Swans' House"
Hope yall enjoyed the mini-Forks tour!  It really is a beautiful place to visit, if you ever have the chance. 

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