So We Have a Group Date Next Valentine's Day, AMIRIGHT???

Thu, 24/07/2014 - 16:55 | by twitarded

It's a good thing that Mr. Snarky and I don't go all nuts celebrating Valentine's Day (too many years in the restaurant biz, among other things? Eh - we're not all that romantic...), because I know exactly where I plan on spending V-Day 2015:

To be honest, my feelings on this whole FSoG movie thing generally range from ambivalent to apathetic (I had zero thoughts on casting before the fact - aside from the impossible obvious; I was "meh" on their choices after...), but I have to admit that Jamie Dornan has a happenin' smexy-times stare. UNF. Also? RRoP FTMFW!

I will NOT go stand for hours on a sidewalk in NYC to see this opening night. BUT, I would totally be down with filling a small-ish theater (preferably one within cab distance that serves booze) with like-minded Twitards for one night... Will you be my Valentine?

Alle Bilder zum Schutz vor unserösen Abmahnern entfernt!

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