Life Magazine: A look at the new Victoria

Life Magazine takes a closer look at the new Victoria, Bryce Dallas- Howard.In this interview, Bryce talks about getting into her character, accepting the role, being the new vampire in town and many more.


Don’t let her serene energy and stunning looks fool you — Bryce Dallas Howard knows how to go for the jugular. “I had to get in touch with my animal instincts,” says the 29-year-old actress about taking over the pivotal role of Victoria, the villainous vampire out for heroine Bella’s blood in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. “At one point, I was actually working out in my head, ‘How would you physically suck blood from someone’s neck? Would you take a breath first? Would you open up your throat to drink?’”


Replacing actress Rachelle Lefevre, who had portrayed Victoria in the first movie and in its 2009 sequel,New Moon, but was let go over scheduling conflicts, Howard had just one week to prepare before filming onEclipse began. So it’s a good thing she was already quite familiar with the Stephenie Meyer novels that sparked the phenomenon. Reading the Twilight books before the first film, Howard tells LIFE, “I felt as if I had discovered an incredible world of characters that felt so personal and so real to me…. But I have to say, the experience of going from being a true fan of a series and reading all the books to actually getting to be a part of it has been pretty wild.” And how have the notoriously passionateTwilight devotees — so ardent they call themselves “Twihards” — adjusted to the casting switch? “The fans that I have met have all been lovely, welcoming, and supportive. They have held the same passion for this series as I do,” says Howard, who recently encountered a screaming mass of them atEclipse‘s Los Angeles premiere.

To read more of her interview, click on the link above.


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