Bryce Dallas - Howard

Bryce Dallas Howard attends the Hollywood Awards

Bryce Dallas -Howard was among the many attendees at the recently concluded Hollywood Awards. The ceremony was held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel last October 25.


Bryce Dallas-Howard and Jackson Rathbone attends TIFF

The Toronto Film Festival (TIFF) is currently happening right now in Toronto, Canada where up-and-coming indie films are being featured. Many Hollywood stars are making the trek to Canada and two of them are Twilight actors Jackson Rathbone and Bryce Dallas-Howard. Jackson is there for his indie film, Girlfriend while Bryce is there to promote the Clint Eastwood film, Hereafter.

Bryce Dallas-Howard stops by at the Today Show

Bryce Dallas-Howard dropped by the Today Show yesterday where she promoted the latest Twilight film, Eclipse.

Life Magazine: A look at the new Victoria

Life Magazine takes a closer look at the new Victoria, Bryce Dallas- Howard.In this interview, Bryce talks about getting into her character, accepting the role, being the new vampire in town and many more.


Bryce Dallas – Howard covers New York Moves Magazine

Bryce Dallas – Howard covers the latest issue of New York Moves. In this issue, Bryce talked about being an actress, growing up with a famous father, her passions and many more.

To see more of her feature story, head over to Bryce Howard


Bryce Dallas – Howard at Chelsea Lately

Bryce Dallas – Howard stopped by Chelsea Lately last June 29 to promote the Twilight Saga: Eclipse.


Twilight fans are passionate about the franchise

In a snippet of her interview with MTV, Bryce Dallas – Howard has revealed that Twilight fans are more passionate than the Spiderman fans. Bryce has appeared in the webslinger’s third outing where she played a rival to the hero’s affections. But Bryce is quick to clear that while Twilight fans are more passionate, the Spiderman fans are more sentimental about their franchise.

Bryce Dallas – Howard: Eclipse, Hollywood and Rob

In an interview with UK’s The Telegraph, Eclipse villain Bryce Dallas – Howard talked about her Hollywood upbringing, her crush on Robert Pattinson and taking over the role of Victoria.

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