Eclipse chapter by chapter

Fri, 18/12/2009 - 14:10 | by Eyes of Amber

It’s been almost a month since New Moon hit theaters and just over six months until Eclipse does the same. A few weeks ago Kerry, my wonderful blogging partner, noticed that the number of weeks and chapters in Eclipse matched up just right. So she came up with the idea to do an Eclipse book discussion, chapter by chapter. But we didn’t want this to be just your average book discussion. We decided to do it as a panel. So once a week, the panel gets together online to chat. We post what we come up with and hope that our readers will throw their thoughts into the mix as well.

Our panel consists of three Twilight fans with different views on the series. Kerry is our resident Team Edward girl. While she doesn’t hate Jacob, she’d never consider him as a real option. I consider myself Team Total Bella. I love Edward dearly and believe he’s the right choice for Bella. But, I also love Jacob. In a world without Edward, he is the absolute perfect choice for her. Just like Bella, I love them both, but I know who I couldn’t live without. To round out the group, we have brought in a guest blogger to represent the Team Jacob point of view. Sabrina is wolf girl through and through. It will be interesting to see just how these three points of view collide as we move through the book.

Thefirst week we tackled the preface, including the Robert Frost poem referencing fire and ice. Here is an excerpt from that post…

Amber: and Edward is ice…but also, you have the fire linked to desire and the ice linked to hate. With Edward…Bella is all fire, all desire. With Jake…she feels them both
Sabrina: True. And the idea of destruction is pervasive in this poem. Although it might make you think about the love triangle, that’s not what the poem itself is actually about.
Amber: well obviously sweetie…I didn’t think Robert Frost wrote poems about Twilight
Kerry: Really??
Amber: okay, give me your take, Miss English Major
Kerry: ooh! An English Major!
Sabrina: this poem gives a foreshadowing of the problems that the Cullens as a clan face.
Amber: if you’re looking at it that way could the fire be the wolves and the ice the newborns/Victoria

We really do get into some serious literary discussion, just with our own little banter thrown in. This week we did chapter one and spent a lot of time talking about the note from Jacob.

Amber: the note kills me
Sabrina: I’m sorry Team Bella!
Amber: the crossed out lines and the eventual statement of the truth
Sabrina: Yeah, me too. He can’t even be mean to her in a note. He just can’t.
Amber: that they do miss each other, but it just doesn’t change anything
Kerry: the notes are very telling. I love that he just crosses out the thoughts, but not enough to actually obscure the previous thoughts
Sabrina: That is particularly odd. It’s like, he wants her to know what he’s thinking, but he also wants her to know that he doesn’t want to say it.
Amber: I think this was more a case of he wanted to get it over with… he just wanted to get an answer written out and send it back to her
Kerry: but why not simply use a different piece of paper, or tearing off the other parts?
Amber: like he said, the more he thinks about her, the more it hurts
Sabrina: I just think he didn’t have it in him to ignore such a desperate plea.

Of course there is still plenty more to talk about. Hop over to my main blog and join in the discussion. We’d love to hear your thoughts. Eclipse is my favorite book in the series and I am so eager to look at it from all different points of view!

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