Featuring Marcus Foster

“I don’t find humor amusing.”- Marcus Foster

I’ll be honest with you guys. I really didn’t know that much about Marcus when I set out to write this feature. There just isn’t a lot of information out there yet, and I quickly discovered that much of what is comes from t5m’s own Amanda Bell. Marcus is taking things a little slower than some and letting his career unfold. Once you listen to his music and watch videos of him performing, I’m sure you’ll be just as hooked as I am.

Marcus discovered music at a young age, starting with the piano when he was only six or seven. He began by learning the songs that his parents played for him. The guitar came later, then he was introduced to blues clubs. Finally, it was Tom Waits who inspired Marcus to write his own songs. You can still hear the resonance of some of those early influences in his music.

Of course Marcus hopes that the fans enjoy his music. He says playing a new song for an audience the first time is “like releasing a child or animal into the world.” I love that description. It’s laying out your creation to be critiqued by the multitudes and they can sometimes be cruel. In Marcus’s case, the reception seems to have been warm and welcoming.

His first EP was released on iTunes in June. It consisted of six songs, including Kiss Is A Knife, Fourteen Times, andone of my personal favorites, I Don’t Mind. Within 24 hours of release, it had hit the number one spot for “Top Album” in the singer/songwriter genre. His song, Make It Easy, another of my favorites, is part of the soundtrack for the upcoming Christopher Walken movie, Five Dollars A Day. Marcus shared via twitter that he has seen a trailer of the movie featuring the song. You can listen to a live version of Make It Easy on his MySpace.

As if being a musician isn’t enough creative expression, Marcus is studying sculpture at the Royal College of Arts. While working on some new pieces he recently injured his thumb on a band saw. In order to give it a chance to heal, he did have to cancel a London show, but there was no permanent damage.  In his line of work and study, that thumb is very important! He plans to complete his degree next spring.

The earlier mentioned twitter account has been a wonderful way for Marcus to connect with his over 5,700 followers. He’s sent messages saying he’s doing things such as playing his Wurlitzer, golfing with a new set of clubs or trying to sort out the confusion of getting a U.S. Visa. He recently wrapped up his U.S. tour which he seemed to really enjoy. He sent a message last week saying that he went to the Salvation Army store on 99-cent Wednesday and bought “about a thousand shirts.” He also took a Greyhound Bus from Los Angeles to Colorado, a trip of over 1,000 miles (1,609 km ) that took 22 hours! I suppose that was a wonderful way to see the country.

Marcus is now back in London, but he has plans to return to the U.S. in December. He recorded his final two U.S. shows and hopes to release them soon. Marcus is an incredibly talented young guy with a bright future ahead of him. I feel privileged to get to watch the ride, because I know it’s going to be an interesting one. You can keep up with Marcus by following his twitter and don’t miss the music and tour announcements on his MySpace. I hope to bring you more about Marcus very soon.

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