Kristen's Balenciaga perfume now available in US - jealous much!

Click for bigger
Does anyone actually know what this smells like yet?  I'm a sucker for good merch...

TomStu Joins Kristen in On The Road Cast - The Hale?!

Reasons TomStu's NOT in Montreal:
1) He hears Canadians have excellent stocks of plaid-wear
2) Kristen can't tell the difference between him and Rob
3) Marcus is busy

The reason TomStu IS in Montreal:

New Video of Rob singing

On Wednesday afternoon, I saw this video tweeted by RobPattzNews. When I first started watching the video, I was excited to see Marcus in the crowd at 1:28, but oh, things were going to get so much better! At 1:51 came something more wonderful than I could hope for. Actual footage of Rob...singing!!!!! So here you go...the video gives all the explanations. This was recorded in London in January for a series called "Songs From a Room".

Eclipse Twilight Convention -

Eternal Twilight are holding another Twilight convention in the UK between 19th and 21st of February 2010. This one is dedicated to Eclipse. So far Charlie Bewley (Demetri), Christopher Heyerdahl (Marcus) and Kiowa Gordon (Embry) are all confirmed guests, and according to the email I received there are more to come.

Rob and Marcus at Bobby show in LA

Rob was spotted along with Marcus as Bobby Long's Hotel Cafe show last night...

Interview with a Volturi: Christopher Heyerdahl

The Calgary Herald recently interviewed Christopher Heyerdahl, Marcus in New Moon, about his role in the movie and memorable fan encounters:

What are some of the more memorable fan encounters you’ve seen working on New Moon?

Charlie Bewley: on getting his role and being part of New Moon

OK! UKhas an exclusive interview with Charlie Bewley who plays Demetri in New Moon. Charlie talked about getting his role as Demetri, working with the Twilight cast and being part of the Twilight Saga. Here is an excerpt of his interview:

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