Nikki and Bryce talks about their co-stars in US Weekly’s Twilight feature

In a preview of US Magazine’s Twilight feature, Nikki Reed and Bryce Dallas -Howard talk about their cast members and how they are close to each other.

Bryce Dallas-Howard:

“It was something I deeply considered and discussed with many people, because it is a very big deal,” Howard says in the book. To her relief, she discovered “Rob [Pattinson] and Taylor [Lautner] are such great guys. I love those boys! And Kristen [Stewart] was like, ‘Where’s your baby? I want to meet him.’ “

But rather than KStew, it seems Nikki Reed turned out to be the on-set babysitter. “She’s like a second mom!” Howard remarks. “The other day [my baby] said, ‘I miss Nikki.’ I was like, ‘Honey, I miss Nikki too!’ “

Nikki Reed:

“OK, P-Fatch [Peter Facinelli] is definitely the jokester and prankster. And he’s very much a father figure — safe and comforting,” Reed said. “Jackson [Rathbone] is the most artsy, creative and, I think, the most talented. Liz Reaser is the most well-read. Kellan and Ashley are very similar: They’re both very driven people, and they both like to go out a lot. A lot of the partying happens around them. [Pattinson] has the best heart.”


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