This just in: Kristen Stewart drops out of new movie Cali... woah!

According to GossipCop:Kristen Stewart is dropping out of the upcoming movieCali, a source exclusively tells Gossip Cop.
We’ve reached out for a comment from the actress’ camp, but have not heard back.
Gossip Cop is told that Amber Heard has been asked to join the cast, although it’s not confirmed whether she’d be taking the part.
Heard’s rep would not comment.

Kristen's Balenciaga perfume now available in US - jealous much!

Click for bigger
Does anyone actually know what this smells like yet?  I'm a sucker for good merch...

FULL Breaking Dawn Panel Video!

Here it is!!!

Watching Rob and Kristen clap for Stephenie warms my heart to the core. 

So... that's it.  The last Twilight Comic-Con panel.  Pass the tissues.
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Caption Contest!

Okay TwiCrackers, bring your wits to bear: it's time for a caption contest.  

Whoever leaves the best caption of the following photo in the comments gets showered in virtual glitter!  Tell us: what are Elizabeth, Mackenzie, Kristen, Rob, and Taylor saying/thinking? 

Kyle & Jackie’s Surprise for Kristen Stewart

Kyle & Jackie O surprised Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth during a recent radio interview during their Australian promo tour with an Aussie snake, Wallaby and a Koala. Kristen loved it!

Kyle & Jackie’s Surprise for Kristen Stewart is a post from: The Twilight Fansite

Kristen in Sydney for Australian SWATH premiere

Now we all know Kristen's a gorgeous girl but I am not confident in this style choice.
I like the idea of the skirt and top and those shoes are lovely too but I can't help but feel the outfit is wearing her, ya know?
The less said about the hair the better :/ natural suits you better, Stew.

Spoiler-Free SWATH Review

Hey TwiCrackers!  I finally made it to see SWATH yesterday.

My observations, free of spoilers:

MTV Movie Awards 2012 - who won what... and then totally got their mack on!

Although Rob didn't attend last night's MTV Movie Awards in LA *wahwah* (he was spotted at a Marcus Foster show back in London town) Kristen finally made out on stage, if only with herself... hey,you can't tell me you wouldn't if you were here ;)

Hello TwiCrackers!

Hey yall! MyAfterCar here. I'm thrilled to be on board at TCA!

I read Twilight in November of 2008, and shortly thereafter I had read all four (and a half) books and was googling all things Twi like a madwoman, needing MORE. I stumbled upon this blog in March of 2009, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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