Pondering Breaking Dawn II [Too Soon??? Nah...]

I know it's been a while, but believe it or not, I'm actually going to write a about something Twilight-related tonight. We know that the Twilighty content has been...light lately, but seriously, YOU try writing about Twilight and Twilight-y related stuff only - five days a week - for THREE YEARS and get back to me. Also, today is Twitarded's three year anniversary. Pretend you are drunk and covered in glitter and confetti and let's move on, shall we?

They're coming! (and I sorta wish they were going to look like this...)
I kind of missed the boat on writing much about Breaking Dawn: Before the Spawn (catch me after the dvd comes out), but lately, I will admit that I have been holding back comment on my gnawing fear of Breaking Dawn II: I Don't Have a Clever Name for You. Yes, it made me squeak a little when I read in Entertainment Weekly's "movies coming out in 2012" spread the one sentence devoted to BDII - "The vampire romance concludes." but I am not ready to have that conversation yet. OK, part of me is REALLY ready to have that conversation, but that is for another day.

What I have REALLY been wondering is if Kristen Stewart is going to step up and deliver the goods in BDII. Don't get me wrong; I am not a KStew hater - far from it - and I think she's made a good Bella thus far. Buuuut I think that she has largely played characters that are...kind of like how I envision her to be in real life, minus the profanity. So the way I see it, in BDII, shit's gonna get real. Because instead of playing a somewhat sullen, vaguely clumsy and uncomfortable-in-her-own-skin teenager, she has to make a convincing Vampire Bella. No clumsiness, not awkward in the least, doesn't stammer, twitch, or even blink unless she's putting on an act. In addition to turning on the steam with Edward (without the charming "OMG THIS IS SO UNCOMFORTABLE!!!" vibe she worked so well in BDI), she'll need to be a convincing ferocious vampy momma who would do anything to save her child while coming to terms with the fact that her "eternal happily ever after" has been shortened to...less than a year.

  Photoshopped and not vampy, but I think this works.
I'm hoping that when November rolls around (and Summit, you can suck a dirty dick for making us wait an entire year for part two), I'll be pleasantly surprised. So what do you think? Kristen seems to have gotten much more comfortable in her public appearances in the last year - maybe it's a sign of good things to come!

...aaand hopefully we will see very, very little of anything like this. Alice would NEVER allow Renesmee to wear crappy flip-flops!

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