Rob Is Smokin' Hot On The Cover Of GQ Russia's February Issue

Rob is on the cover of Russia's GQ February issue, and he is smokin' hot!  His eyes are killer. Mr. & Mrs. Pattinson, you have no clue how much the Twilight community thanks you!


Awesome Breaking Dawn-Part 2 Poster Manip

I absolutely love this manip! I feel like all I do is complain about how long it is until the next movie comes out.  SO ready for BD2!


New TwiCrack: Happy Bloggiversary To Us! Three years today :D let's Celebrate with a giveaway! #UnintentionalRhyming

Three years ago, TCA made this amazing site so all of us TwiCrack Addicts could get our fix. 

Lorabell and I have been added since then, and we are all HAPPY to be bringing y'all your TwiCrack.  

We have had 14,188,891 TwiCrackers visit our blog since December 17, 2008 and to celebrate we are going to do an amazing giveaway!

Check back soon for contest details...

Every TwiCrack Addicts thought

Breaking Dawn- Part 1 was amazing!  Summit wants us to die waiting for Part 2, right? They must! A whole year of re-watching all the movies, reading the books, and stalking the internet for any information/pictures that may be out there.  Well, I found this and I LOVE it!

Amazing New Breaking Dawn Photos

While browsing around on Tumblr, I came across these awesome photos from Zacefron My Love.  If I had to guess, I think the photos are from the illustrated guide, but I'm not sure.

Enjoy! -Ash

Breaking Dawn- Part 2 Leaked Screenshots!!

Mother of all things good, why must Summit make us wait another year? I am dying! --Ash

Click Here To See The Pics! --SPOILER ALERT--

Text From Last Night- Twilight Edition NC17

Text From Last Night is hilarious.  I will say that this is your NC17 warning.  The texts aren't that bad, but it is not my job to corrupt anyone! ;) --Ash
Click Here To Get Your Laugh On!

Steal Her Style- Kristen Stewart Edition

Our friend over at Steal Her Style is amazing!  Check out Kristen's looks that you can steal by  heading over to her Tumblr.  Under the picture of the style you want there will be a description, click it and shop away!


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