PLT is going on hiatus

Hello all, you had probably all gathered this already considering nothing has been posted on Peace. Love. Twilight! since July, but PLT is going on hiatus and will most likely be deleted unless someone else wants to take responsibility for it.
I do still love Twilight but I have to say that my passion for it has faded and I honestly just don't have time to maintain this blog anymore. It was really nice to meet all the Twibloggers out there, keep in touch!
I will probably stop checking my email address and will most likely delete that as well.

Kellan Lutz at the Do Something Awards last night

PLT teams up with Sweety High to giveaway an Eclipse dinner & movie for you and 5 friends!

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Movie Review - And why Bella must die!

Ok maybe not, but this is the part of the series, where I and many others had extreme hatred for one Bella Swan and her back and forth shenanigans between Edward and Jacob.

Kristen Stewart and a 3-D Breaking Dawn?

Afternoon! Just saw this article and thought I share with the rest of you. Breaking Dawn in 3-D, would you really want to see this movie in that way? I could care less one way or the other, but if it was done in 3-D then it have to be Avatar style. But it would enhance the overall beauty of the story that is for sure.

Eclipse fans camp out in L. A. for premiere!

Hello kiddos! I am sorry to say I've been absent for a bit and I regret not being here to offer up my thoughts on all things Twilight. I am coming back, and what I have here is an interesting article that I came upon this morning from the Los Angeles Times.

Customize your Team Edward/Team Jacob gear from Cafe Press!

You can customize your Team Edward or Team Jacob products (tees, water bottles, shirts, bags, etc.) with your name at Cafe Press! Just use the widget above.

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