@JacksonRathbone to be a Daddy! I can not wait to see the dimples on this kid!

Hey guys,

Sorry I've been MIA of late - I started a new job and it's kicking my TwiCracker tush, time wise!

@JacksonRathbone and Julia Jones visit troops for Thanksgiving

Dimples and smiles - Jacklia Rathjones would make good babies
Thanksgiving pilgrims and native Americans go vampire and werewuff when Jackson and Julia visited the troops of Camp Pendleton near San Diego, Ca.
I'm thankful for celebrities making time for good causes :)

Let's Play Dress Up With Jackson Rathbone :)

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog
MTV released the third installment of the 100 Monkeys' hilarious web diary - spending a day with these guys must be like being at Disney Land on TwiCrack!
In case you needed a reminder - a lil Jackson never hurt anyone - you can view the previous entries here ;)

Jackson Rathbone Hosting Live Video Chat with Fans for New Movie "Girlfriend"

The official Girlfriend movie site has announced that Jackson will be hosting a live video chat Sunday April 3rd.

My First 100 Monkeys Show - Jackson & Bananas Play Vancouver

So this past Friday I went to my first ever 100 Monkeys show.
I was excited to hear the band play live and have a good time with my buds in Vancouver but admit I was a little concerned I wouldn't be too into the tunes.
Now, earlier in the day I'd taken a friend who was visiting out to the Swan house set location, which was in full filming - big trucks, trailers, cranes plus view blocked by black covers, trees and torrential rain.

New Jasper Tonner Doll Revealed at NY Toy Fair

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

It's Twilight merch time!
MTV got a sneek peak at Tonner's new Twilight doll - now "y'all" can own your very on Jasper :)

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