Julia Jones

@JacksonRathbone and Julia Jones visit troops for Thanksgiving

Fri, 25/11/2011 - 20:35 | by twicrackaddicts

Dimples and smiles - Jacklia Rathjones would make good babies
Thanksgiving pilgrims and native Americans go vampire and werewuff when Jackson and Julia visited the troops of Camp Pendleton near San Diego, Ca.
I'm thankful for celebrities making time for good causes :)

Jackson joins the Twilight Convention 2011 Tour!

Tue, 23/11/2010 - 01:35 | by Eyes of Amber

Creation Entertainment has announced that Jackson will join the Twilight Convention tour for stops in 2011. Jackson will be on the tour for four dates (listed below).

New 'Eclipse' picture of Julia!

Mon, 08/11/2010 - 22:39 | by Eyes of Amber

David Slade has posted a gorgeous new picture of Julia Jones (Leah Clearwater) to his website (go to the website HERE). If you remember from the filming of 'Eclipse' David is an extremely talented photographer and would often tease us via twitpic with pictures of the cast.

Twilight actors attending different events

Mon, 20/09/2010 - 01:43 | by twilight-movie.org

Several Twilight cast members attended different events last week. Catalina Sandino-Moreno was spotted attending the 25th anniversary celebration of designer Tommy Hilfiger in New York last September 12 while wolf pack member Julia Jones attended the 2011 Spring Collection of Alice + Olivia the night after.

Wolf pack members Alex, Julia and Tinsel at the Lavo Restaurant and Nightclub

Mon, 26/07/2010 - 03:51 | by twilight-movie.org

Last Saturday, wolf pack members Alex Meraz, Julia Jones and Tinsel Korey made an appearance at the Lavo Restaurant & Nightclub at the Palazzo in Las Vegas.

Julia Jones and Tinsel Korey at two events

Fri, 23/07/2010 - 15:04 | by twilight-movie.org

Wolf pack girls Tinsel Korey and Julia Jones attended two events recently namely the Do Something Awards and the Baby Issa Launch & Issa London Resort 2011.

The Wolf Pack at Young Hollywood

Mon, 12/07/2010 - 02:31 | by twilight-movie.org

The Wolf Pack, Alex Meraz, Julia Jones and Chaske Spencer recently dropped by the studios of Young Hollywood where they promoted the latest Twilight movie, Eclipse.

Julia Jones was initimated on her first days on set!

Fri, 09/07/2010 - 22:36 | by Eyes of Amber

Julia Jones who plays Leah Clearwater in 'Eclipse' has admitted to MTV that the first few days on set that she felt intimidated. 

Focus on the Quileute tribe

Sun, 04/07/2010 - 18:21 | by Eyes of Amber

Chaske Spencer, Alex Meraz and Julia Jones recently spoke about how the Quileute tribe were portrayed in the Twilight movies;

"Actor Chaske Spencer sees the “Twilight Saga” as a turning point for American Indians working in Hollywood.

Video: Twilight stars visit the Twilight Tent City

Fri, 25/06/2010 - 09:44 | by twilight-movie.org

Before Eclipse has its Us premiere last night, Twilight stars Peter Facinelli, Julia Jones, Jackson Rathbone and Billy Burke once again revisited the Twilight Tent City. They handed out foods and cd’s to fans as well as pose for pictures and sign for autographs.

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