Rumor Alert: Rob Will Be Recording An Album

Wed, 21/09/2011 - 07:28 | by twicrackaddicts

We could only all wish, right? I think our hearts/ovaries may explode if it actually happens. --Ashes

Rob Is Back In L.A.

Thu, 15/09/2011 - 07:26 | by twicrackaddicts

Rob was spotted at LAX today after being in London for a week of so.  Looks like he needed the help

Rob On The Cover Of VF Italian

Wed, 21/04/2010 - 10:28 | by

“Twilight: Eclipse” hottie Robert Pattinsongraces the cover of the Italian version of Vanity Fair. Who even knew there was an Italian VF?

He looks suitably sexy, brooding and tousled, and the headline translates literally to “the good girls always remember” (or never forget?), which must mean something along the lines of he’s so hot, he’s unforgettable, maybe? We have no words. Except “Bravo.”

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