Rob looking seriously schmexy in NYC at US Cosmopolis premiere!

Clicky for HQD-a-n-g.
Rob was in NYC last night for the US premiere of Cosmopolis and looking extra hot on the red carpet in his slick suit and hair!
He kinda reminds me of Jef from this past season of The Bachelorette - who I'm totally in love with - way to combine two hot, sweet guys :)

Exclusive BD clips from Access Hollywood

For everyone avoiding these types of things, they are hidden below the jump. Thanks to Access Hollywood for sharing them!
Access got exclusive behind-the-scenes clips of “Breaking Dawn”! We have THREE great new clips including Robert and Kristen, Taylor Launtner, behind-the-scenes footage, and the making of the music video featurette! 

New Twilight Products That This Girl Will Be Buying

Perez Hilton claims that sources have revealed exclusively to his fashion site, Coco Perez, PRO Beauty Tools has a surprise for us Twi-Crackers!

Why Are Men So Useless?

I've come to realize something in my 16 years with Mr. LKW... men are generally useless around the house for anything that doesn't involve fixing or building shit. If I need a window replaced or some shelves built, he's my man. If I need the dog bathed or help with the vacuuming, he's fucking useless.

I always notice this right around the time someone from HIS family is scheduled for a visit. And guess who's expected to make the house squeaky clean? Yup, me.

Happy Birthday Robert Pattinson!

Today, Robert Pattinson is celebrating his 25th birthday. So from all us here at Twilight-Movie.Org, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ROBERT!


Robert Pattinson included in Sunday Times’ Rich List

The Sunday Times has released their annual list of the world’s richest and in their list of the Richest People under 30, Robert Pattinson is included as one of the top earning actors under 30.

Robert Pattinson attends Water for Elephants photocall

Robert Pattinson participated in a cast photocall in Barcelona for his new film, Water for Elephants. He joined his castmates, Reese and Christoph, and director Francis Lawrence. Robert is expected to fly next to London and Australia to attend the film’s premiere.

Robert Pattinson Being All Sexy...Again

Robert Pattinson was spotted leaving his hotel in Paris, France. He is there promoting Water For Elephants.Does this kid ever not look good? I mean really? The picture of him getting into the cab is SOO sexy.--ashes

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