Christina Perri Premieres 'A Thousand Years'

Listen to Christina Perri's contribution to theBreaking Dawn Pt 1soundtrack. It's just a lyrics video, not an official music video yet.

Lykke Li 'Possibility' Cover - Alice Klar

Toni, the singer/songwriter of pop/electronic band Alice Klar, is a big Twilight fan and decided to do this cover of Lykke Li's 'Possibility' from the soundtrack of New Moon. It's breathtaking, you'll be pleasantly surprised by what you hear.

Interview with New Moon score composer Alexandre Desplat

Mark Morton, the Soundtracks Examiner, interviewed Alexandre Desplat.

Alexandre is the Oscar-nominated composer who created the lovely New Moon score. (All of that pretty music in the background).

Rob Singing in "How to Be"

Rob Pattinson sings "I'm Doing Fine" in How to Be:

Additional Clips from Access Hollywood:

- Rob's "How to Be" audition

- Rob's "How to Be" (in three parts)

That soundtrack is available in the trade!

A reason to dare itself today into bitter cold weather is certain: The “new Moon” - EAST! From today on can buy to you approximately their it finally and in the music around “new Moon” sink:) I through-heard a while ago times the list and had really quite often uncanny goose bumps. With “Possibility” of Lykke left even the tears and I flowed had the abandoned Bella before my eyes - laughter Where do you think, some songs in the film will occur? Which scenes see you to which song? Divides us your proposals and ideas with =)©Twilight News

Robert Pattinson desires Tokyo hotel for the “New Moon” - soundtrack

Only the day before yesterday we reported of the fact that “Tokyo hotel” - singer Bill Kaulitz as a fan of “Twilight” outete himself, now emerges an interview, which shows also Robert as a fan of “Tokyo hotel”! Apparently there two have themselves found… (; Opposite a Czech daily paper Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen) said that it the “Twilight” - soundtrack finds very good and Paramore as talentiert regards.

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