Galaxie Eclipse wrap-around cover!!

Galaxie Magazine reached a new level of awesomeness!!! Their 16th June issue is definitely a keeper as it features a somewhat wrap-around cover of Edward Cullen, Bella Swan, and Jacob Black!
via @galaxiemag

Eclipse special in Hot Magazine

hot Magazine
has an Eclipse special in their latest issue, with reports from the MMAs, the recent Eclipse promo tour, as well as a special Style section! Not to mention an Eclipse poster :D

Hot Magazine covers MTV Movie Awards; exclusive Eclipse poster

This post is dedicated to Hot Magazine, as they personally tweeted this detailto me! :D

The 12th June issue (above) has Rob and Kristen on the cover, highlighting their main cover story, the recent MTV Movie Awards.

Rob on Galaxie cover!!

Major whoop!! Galaxie Magazineis featuring Rob on the cover of their March 1st issue.

Go grab a copy on Monday!!!

Caption This!: Teen Vogue outtakes

Write a caption for this photo, an outtake from a (unreleased, I think...) photoshoot for Teen Vogue, before Twilight was released.
For e.g.:
Jackson: *thinks*why are only Rob and Kristen wearing sunnies??*
Check out more photos at Thinking of Rob

Kristen & Rob covers CLEO Malaysia

Squee!! Another Malaysian cover! This time it's for CLEO's Valentine's Day special. 

There's an interview, and a timeline of their are-they-or-are-they-not romance...

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