Dawn Movie

Kellan posts super cute Twitpic!

Kellan posted a super cute picture of his posing with a little baby and we can't help but re post it - it was so darn cute. Captioned" Life is beautiful...Not mine but can't wait for that day." I am sure there were an immediate million volunteers for the role of his baby mama!

Twilight fans bids $60,100 to visit Breaking Dawn Movie set

A few weeks ago, we have posted news of an auction in eBay where a lucky Twilight fan will have an exclusive set visit at the Breaking Dawn Movie Set in Vancouver. This is part of Twilight’s contribution to Stand Up To Cancer, a non-profit organization that is keen in fighting the spread of cancer and helping others overcome the disease.

Breaking Dawn filming dates revealed!

Production Weekly has revealed that the production behind 'Breaking Dawn' "has opened up new production offices in Baton Rouge and that filming is scheduled from November 1 - March 15.

So Is It Breaking Dawn Movie or MOVIESSSS?

Yeh, they're going back over thisone again. Whether Breaking Dawn should be two films or one, who will be directing, is the whole cast coming back, etc. Our favorite, the one, the only TED at THE AWFUL TRUTH gave us our--so-called--dirton this one.

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