Don't People Even MAKE Robert Pattinson Videos Anymore???

Remember back in the day when people used to make awesome videos featuring RPatts and we'd post them and everyone would coo over them and then wipe the drool off their monitor and (grudgingly) get on with their day??? Whatever happened to that??? Because I've been looking for new videos lately, and I keep coming up empty-handed. Boo! I am not the best at searching YouTube, granted, and they have a new look (like everyone!

Ellen Cameos in Breaking Dawn... Awwwkward!

Weren't Rob and Kristen meant to be on the Ellen show? I was really looking forward to that :(
It could still happen *fingers crossed*

- Lorabell *gigglesnort*
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New BD Clip, featuring Ellen DeGeneres!!

Breaking Dawn Cast To Appear On Ellen

Gossip Cop always gives us the facts.  According to them, the entire Breaking Dawn cast will appear on "Ellen" in November!  Here is what GC had to say-

Video: Robert Pattinson at Ellen de Generes Show

Last Wednesday, Robert Pattinson dropped by at the Ellen De Generes Show for the fourth time in his career. Robert was on hand to promote his new film, Water for Elephants. Aside from promoting the film, Robert talked about his fame, paparazzi, locating him, roadtrips and using his Ellen underwear.

Every Little Thing He Does Is Magic...

Over the past two plus years, during all this Twilight hype and bloggy craziness, I truly thought my love for Robert Pattinson would begin to wane. I figured at some point, he'd do something completely asshole-ish like almost every other young actor who shoots to stardom - trash a hotel room, get caught with a hooker, or snorting coke off that hooker's ass - and I would start to care about him less.

Rob Snacks Backstage At Ellen Show

Okay, I was looking at Ellen's video of the laughing baby and noticed this weird video.

I don't think I can say enjoy!--Ashes

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First Look: Robert Pattinson promotes WFE at Ellen

Here is the first look at Robert Pattinson visiting Ellen on her show. This will be aired today, April 20, 2011. Check your local listings for the time of airing in your area.

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