Rob Pattinson

Win original Rob Pattinson "Unfinished City" signed art work!

Rob has donated this sketch to the Home Plate Project* charity auction :) all together now... awww!


Tragedy at SDCC - Twilight fan dies whilst waiting to see Rob...

Sadly, a fellow Twilight fan and follower of our humble blog was hit by a car and pronounced dead at arrival in hospital, in San Diego today.

Gisela G, aka @Mad4Hugh had travelled to San Diego from upper New York City for the Breaking Dawn Part 2 panel at Comic Con in hopes of seeing Rob Pattinson.

Reports are still confused and conflicted - it seems Gisela had been camping with her friends, saw the line was moving so raced back to join but tripped on the curb and fell into traffic.

Taylor Lautner ... in Wax!

Resident shapeshifter Taylor Lautner now has a wax statue to call his own. The wax statue was recently unveiled at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in London.It now stands next to the Rob Pattinson statue unveiled a while ago.

Rob Pattinson on Family Guy... looking a lil 90210 (original class, natch)

Click for bigger
Has anyone seen this episode?

It seems like Rob was mentioned on Family Guy... looking a lil Luke Perry.  Just me?

Rob Pattinson confirmed to attend 2012 @PeoplesChoice Awards!

Sorry for the mini-hiatus there - my beloved and long-serving laptop decided to end it all - she just couldn't take my scrolling through countless fanfics *sigh* so sad.

In other news... the end of the drought is in sight!

New pics: Rob Pattinson spotted Christmas Eve (with young Stephie look-a-like?) in London!

Merry Krismas, TwiCrackers!
I hope you've had very Happy Robidays - it appears you've all been very nice this year considering we've been  given the present of a beardy ninja Rob (triple win) out and about in London town, Christmas Eve...

Hot Dayum! New schmexy Bel Ami trailer with angry Rob Pattinson - rawr!

Update: THIS!

Ooooh, I think so!

This movie is looking s-t-e-a-m-y and I have no complaints - can not wait until it comes out - until then, fanfic will have to suffice...

- Lorabell

P.s. Although I find angry Rob to be very sexy indeed, I must admit that the shot of him at 1.07 did things to me *fans self*

Official Rob Pattinson Cosmopolis Poster Released!

Let the brooding/back-seat/suited-ward fan fic begin... oh wait :)

Via source

- Lorabell

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