FULL Breaking Dawn Panel Video!

Here it is!!!

Watching Rob and Kristen clap for Stephenie warms my heart to the core. 

So... that's it.  The last Twilight Comic-Con panel.  Pass the tissues.
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Memorial for Gisela

In the wake of Tuesday's tragic news from Comic Con, one ray of light shines: this community.

Within hours of Gisela (@mad4hugh)'s passing, a memorial had been created and donations began pouring in for her funeral expenses.  As of this posting, $6,824 has been raised - an incredible amount in just over two days.  Thank you to the incredibly sweet @theswandive for putting together this memorial.

Tragedy at SDCC - Twilight fan dies whilst waiting to see Rob...

Sadly, a fellow Twilight fan and follower of our humble blog was hit by a car and pronounced dead at arrival in hospital, in San Diego today.

Gisela G, aka @Mad4Hugh had travelled to San Diego from upper New York City for the Breaking Dawn Part 2 panel at Comic Con in hopes of seeing Rob Pattinson.

Reports are still confused and conflicted - it seems Gisela had been camping with her friends, saw the line was moving so raced back to join but tripped on the curb and fell into traffic.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 cast confirmed for Comic-Con!

Summit Entertainment confirmed that the cast of Breaking Dawn Part 2 will be at Comic-Con - not only that, they'll be the opening panel.  According to Summit:  

Rumour Alert! No more Snow White for Kristen Stewart?

Kristen looks so little here!
Ever since last year's San Diego Comic Con, where SWATH director Rupert Sanders hinted at making a "series" out of the Snow White project, fans have been speculating whether Kristen would be attached to another big budget franchise after the Twilight Saga.

'Breaking Dawn Pt .1' Comic-Con Poster Available in Galaxie Magazine

Galaxieshows more love to us fans by printing the Comic-Con teaser poster in their latest issue!! It's not gigantic, just a 2-page spread, but it's better than nothing :)

Anna Kendrick & Ashley Greene Will Be Honored At TIFF!

Anna Kendrick and Ashley Greene are honorees for the 2011 Spotlight Initiative Awards.
The award show takes place at the Toronto International Film Festival on Saturday, September 10 in the Roosevelt Room.

The official announcement reads:

Breaking Dawn Part 1 Full Movie Poster... Meh

Click for bigger

So, obviously this isn't a million miles away from the wider version of the poster we saw released at Comic Con 2011 but I remain underwhelmed.

Robert Pattinson is STILL Talking About That Damn Baby!

It seems there's been a reoccurring theme in Robert Pattinson's life since the Twilight movies burst onto the scene back in late 2008. People have been asking him to bite them for years now. Those people just have no imagination. I can think of a lot of things I would like RPattz to do to me, and biting is not exactly high on my list. Unless of course he bites me while he's doing other, ahem, things...

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